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Our Story

Respecting nature, keeping it simple and bringing goodness to the table since 1975.

Planting the Seed

In 1975, Gordon Crane founded Apple & Eve and started our fruitful journey the same way we continue it today—as a family. For the past 40 years, we’ve remained focused on the singular mission formed sitting around our parents’ kitchen table: to provide your family with pure, healthy juices that taste as good as they are good for you and your kids.

The Fruits of Our Labor

Over the years, many people told us what we set out to do couldn’t do be done. Since we didn’t know any better, we did it anyway. Call it tenacity, perseverance or naivety, but it helped us reach some major milestones—from introducing the first-ever juice box in America to introducing 100% organic juices (way before “organic” was a household term). As we grew, so did our family. With new flavors, new product lines, and most importantly, new colleagues who remain at the soul of everything we do.

Branching Out

There’s no greater feeling than watching a generation who grew up on our juices serve it to their families. We look forward to keeping your loved ones healthy and happily hydrated for another 40 years as we continue to grow. In 2014, we joined hands with Lassonde Industries, another family owned business over 100 years old. Together, we remain true to our roots. We will always be a family at heart. Quality remains at our core. And we pour all those values right back into our juice.