Where can I buy your product?

Apple & Eve juices are sold at most retail grocery stores throughout the United States. The flavors may vary based on the retail store. For a store that sells your favorite Apple & Eve juice flavors near you, you may submit your information on our “Contact Us” page and we would be glad to find a retailer in your area.

How long can your juice be consumed once open?

Once opened and refrigerated, the juice should remain fresh for up to two to three weeks.

Are your Apple & Eve juice products still good to drink beyond the Best By Date?

Our juices will have the optimum flavor and quality when used by the Best By Date. Beyond that date, it may lack some of the same freshness, color and consistency as when it was originally packaged.

Are Apple & Eve juices pasteurized?

All our juices are pasteurized to ensure they are safe to drink. The pasteurization process heats the juice to eliminate potentially harmful bacteria. This allows us to provide you with a safe product, without losing the wonderful taste of the juice.

Is sugar added to your 100% juice products?

No. In our 100% juices, we only use fruit juice. Any sugar listed on our labels occurs naturally from the fruits.

Are Apple & Eve juices organic?

Our Organics line of juices contains only certified organically grown fruits. The fruits in our other juices, while not organically grown, do not contain any detectable pesticide residues. Pesticides are either not being used on the fruit we purchase or the vigorous washing and scrubbing process they receive leaves no detectable residue.

What does it mean when your juice is “From Concentrate”?

The concentrate is made when much of the liquid is removed from the fruit. When the juice is made, the same amount of water that was previously removed is then added to the concentrate to make the 100% juice.

Are Apple & Eve juices gluten-free?

Yes, all our Apple & Eve juices are gluten-free per FDA guidelines.

Are there any tree nuts, peanuts in your juices?

Our juices do not contain any nuts, tree nuts or peanuts, and they are made in facilities that do not process these ingredients.

What are natural flavors?

Natural flavors contain the natural essences, extractives, essential oils, distillates and proteins derived from the fruit. They do not contain MSG or any artificial ingredients.

How many fruit servings are in an 8 oz. glass of your 100% juice?

Each 8 oz. serving of our 100% juice counts as two servings of fruit.

How much Vitamin C is in an 8-oz. serving of Apple & Eve juice?

There are 72 milligrams of vitamin C in an 8-oz. serving, which provides 120% of an individual’s daily requirement.

Where can I recycle your bottle?

Apple & Eve bottles can be recycled anywhere that accepts PET #1 plastic.

Are your bottles BPA (Bisphenol-A) Free?

Yes. All our bottles are BPA free.

Are Apple & Eve juices genetically modified?

No. We do not use any ingredients that have been produced through biotechnology.

Does Apple & Eve use only domestically grown apples in Apple & Eve Apple Juice?

At certain times of the year, our apple juice is made from apples grown in the United States. At other times, when domestically grown fruit is in short supply or the quality is not up to our standards, we use apple concentrate of the highest quality made in the United States or imported from one of several countries. When that is the case, you will see those countries indicated on the package. Any concentrates imported from countries around the world are subjected to the same stringent quality assurance processes that are employed here in the United States.

Where does Apple & Eve get the cranberries used in Apple & Eve cranberry juices?

The tastiest cranberries are found right here in the U.S. They are grown in cranberry bogs in places such as Cape Cod and Wisconsin. Only the best ingredients go into our cranberry juice. We smooth out the tangy taste of our cranberries by blending them with the naturally sweet juice of pears, white grapes and apples.

What’s an aronia berry?

The aronia berry is also called a chokeberry. It’s a native American fruit about the size of a blueberry. Its dark red pigment is noted for its antioxidant properties. These berries naturally enhance the color and flavor of many of our pure juices.